Picture it, the cold Calgary winter months are officially over and summer is here. The sun is out and you can finally spend some time with family outside soaking up the rays from the comfort of your own home… but wait! Your backyard is in no condition to lounge around in, let alone host the people you love. Since Calgary spends much of its year in the winter season, it means the summertime lounging in your backyard is that much sweeter.. So you’re convinced, maybe this is the year you finally decide to spruce up your home with some cool backyard ideas? Where do you even start and what will work for your backyard and your lifestyle?

In such a highly connected world, inspiration can come from anywhere! You can google “cool backyard ideas”, take a peek at your next door neighbour’s yard, or even give Ananda Landscapes a call to help design your cool backyard ideas that fits your lifestyle. Regardless of the path you choose, your options are endless. So instead of getting bogged down in all of the “what ifs”, let’s start with 5 unique features that you didn’t know you needed in your backyard renovation!


There’s nothing like an ice cold beer while enjoying the backyard you’ve put so much thought and effort into. Spruce up your outdoor kitchen this summer by installing a beer tap to create the ultimate stage for your backyard summer cookouts. Even if you don’t have an outdoor kitchen, there are ways to get a beer tap in your yard. Ananda Landscapes installed a beer tap in a client’s backyard, watch the video below to learn more about his backyard landscape!


Movie lovers rejoice! Revamp your “family movie night” and turn your own backyard into an outdoor theater. If your backyard is up against a large portion of house that has no windows or obstructions, you have yourself the perfect movie screen. For those of you who have been thinking about getting or already have a projector screen, you can set up a DIY outdoor theatre too! Grab together a couple power extension cables, hdmi cords, and a projector, and have yourself a personal movie screening. There are plenty of ways to make this work, take it from MomAdvice with their blog about a DIY Outdoor Movie Night.


It’s Saturday afternoon, the sun is high and there is a cool breeze in the air. The only thing that could make your weekend any better is to be able to take out the clubs and practice your short game. Imagine not even having to leave your own house to refine those putting skills. For many like our client Jennifer, that’s the dream! Explore what we created from her cool backyard ideas below!


Backyard barbeques are a summer classic. Spruce up your next backyard get-together with one of these murphy picnic sets. With the ability to fold up flush against a wall and fold down when you want to use it, this table is great for small backyards with limited space. Now anyone can enjoy an outdoor picnic from the serenity of their own home without sacrificing valuable backyard space.


After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than curling up in a hanging chair and swaying with the breeze with a beverage in your hand (perhaps from your beer tap?). The hanging chair is a classic in the book of cool backyard ideas. Something that’s even more appealing about hanging chairs is that you can place them wherever you’d like. This means you choose if you want sunshine or shade, you can even make them mobile with different hanging areas to choose your environment.

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